The Financial Planning Process

To help you understand what to expect from us and the financial planning process, we follow a six-step financial process, developed by the CFP® Board.

The Financial Planning Process


·         Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

·         Gathering client data including goals

·         Analyzing and evaluating the client’s financial status

·         Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and or alternatives

·         Implementing the financial planning recommendations

·         Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

If these steps seem new to you, it is probably the result of working with someone who does not provide a comprehensive financial or investment planning strategy.  In these times, we believe you need to demand someone who is committed to education and the financial planning process.


When providing financial planning advice, we will define the scope of the work we will do with you, and clearly explain and document the services we will provide, the method of compensation and other relevant information. We will work with you to determine your personal and financial goals, needs, and priorities; understand your time frame to help you achieve results; and discuss your tolerance for financial risk. We will also gather all necessary financial information about you when using our third party software to develop your personal financial plan.  This holistic approach is beneficial in developing long lasting relationships with clients that are built upon a common set of goals, expectations, and process.


We welcome the opportunity to share with you our process that integrates your investment approach with an integrated comprehensive financial plan.


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