Behavioral Investing

Controlling Emotions & Avoiding Self-Destructive Behavior

"The dominate determinate of long-term, real life investment returns is

the behavior of the investor themselves." --- Nick Murray

Behavioral Investing in Practice

As your financial behavioral coach, we guide you during times of both Euphoria and Fear in order for you to make decisions based on your family's long-term financial plan...not today's most recent media manifested "crisis."

8 Behaviors to Avoid

  1. Over Diversification
    • By owning own nothing
  2. Under Diversification
    • Owning just one idea
  3. Euphoria
    • The herd mentality
  4. Panic
    • Fear of a temporary decline
  5. Speculation
    • Or more accurately stated -- Speculating when you think you are investing
  6. Believing this time is different
    • Not understanding the difference between Volatility and Risk
  7. Timing and Selection
    • When to be in or our of the market.  What investment to own for today
  8. Asset class confusion
    • Investing for Current Yield vs. Total Return
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