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Women and Investing: Confidence Today and Tomorrow

Women and Retirement

Women must be ready to spend, on average, more years in retirement than men.

At our firm, confidence is more than a belief or attitude.  It is the realization that our clients have the opportunity to design the life they want and to live the life they want.  All of our clients are unique and are presented with different challenges.  

Our team recognizes some of the unique life situations that face our clients who are women.  Our knowledge goes beyond understanding what research has told us regarding women and wealth.  We have life experiences of our own to lean on and guide us.

“When I was young, we lost our father. What followed for my mother were years of financial struggle. It was very hard for her to provide for us and fund her own retirement shortfall. It was the cause of much financial stress and the incentive for me to learn how to plan financially for myself and others so that no family should have to experience this kind of pain in their lives. As a son, a father, and as an advisor, I share the feelings of struggle and lack of fairness for women returning to employment, for those that have divorced their spouse, and for those who have lost their spouse to sickness or tragedy.”  –Joe Budd

“When I was married, my husband and I held different views on how we should save for retirement. I felt it was important to start early; however, my husband believed that we should put any extra money we had back into our family business. So, I started to educate myself about investing and retirement planning and began to set money aside into a retirement fund. I did not know it at the time, but I was adhering to the principles of “diversification” and “starting early.” I now have the confidence that when I do retire, I will have the potential to live out my retirement years comfortably.” –Margaret Anderson

Anticipated Life Events

Have confidence in your future


  • Children’s college
  • Wealth planning for future generations

Our View:

Sometimes in life, you know what is coming and we’d like to help you prepare for it.

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Planning for the Unexpected

Your journey may take unpredictable turns


  • Divorce
  • Loss of spouse
  • Medical bills

Our View:

We don’t want the unknown  and unforeseen to upset your financial plan

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Approach retirement with a full understanding of what is possible


  • Financial security
  • Erase the fear of poverty in retirement
  • Have income during retirement

Our View:

Tell us your vision of retirement and let’s develop a plan together to pursue it.

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Worry and strain can take their toll in ways only you know and understand


  • Caring for children and aging parents
  • Feeling like you don’t know enough about financial planning

Our View:

We will work with you to mitigate some of life’s anxieties through education and planning.

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